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How to choose the right apartment?

One of the most important decisions of each individual is their new apartment purchase. In the process of making that decision many doubts may appear, so decision-making requires approach with a special attention to detail.

Most of it should be with emphasis on these significant elements:
• Location
• Functionality
• Quality
• Price
• Proper ownership documentation

The whole process needs expert and professional approach, to be in a position to enable You efficient and easy acquirement of the property that will become Your home. We are here to help You, and to find the perfect solution.

Apartment structure

Whether it is a one, two, three or four-bedroom flat, there are several things that require special attention when choosing them.

• Functionality and rational utilization of space
• Illumination and how bright the rooms are
• Positioning and placement of day and night zones
• Number of bathrooms and bedrooms intended for specific structure
• Orientation and size of the balconies in relation to the total net surface area of the flat

Suitability of the micro-location on which the complex is located; proximity to businesses, restaurants, cafés, supermarkets, schools and green markets that facilitate everyday functioning.

How to easily get an apartment

With an ultimate aim to make Your choice as easy as possible, our consultants will be available to guide You through all of the steps of the sales process. The basic principle of our business is to create satisfied customers who will, by purchasing real estate with our mediation – get full expert assistance and security.

Together with You, we will go through all of the stages of the process:
• Apartment presentation
• Help choosing the best structure for You
• Going to the notary as well the banks
• Signing of the purchase agreement
• Handover of the apartment

Sales Office: Within the sales office, there is a showroom apartment that offers selection of top quality equipment, as well as VR ROOM where You can took a virtual walk through Your future home. At Your disposal, there will also be professional consulting with architects – in order to achieve both aesthetically and functionally suitable space for You.

First step to your Skyline home

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