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What modern-day men and women need after a stressful day

Stress is an inevitability you face every day, especially if you are performing a highly responsible job whilst working in a big city. Traffic jams, failing to meet deadlines, being late for meetings.… However, this is n...

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MOTHERHOOD ADVICE: How to choose the right neighborhood for your family?

The role of woman is crucial during the important life decisions that are of interest to the entire family, such as buying a home and forming a family nest. Every mom wishes her apartment was within arm’s reach of her w...

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ARE YOU AFTER A NEW PROPERTY? These are the reasons why you should call Skyline Belgrade your home!

If you are after a new property and would like to find a home in Belgrade, a new one-of-a-kind residential-business complex is being constructed in Kneza Miloša Street bearing the name “Skyline Belgrade”. Before visiting...

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Media Representatives Visited Skyline Belgrade Sales House

A one-of-a-kind experience for all potential buyers ”Skyline Belgrade” residential-business complex played host to the representatives of the media today at its sales house located at the corner of Kneza Miloša and Dur...

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Skyline Belgrade at 25th Kopaonik Business Forum

Skyline Belgrade's presence at this year's 25th annual Kopaonik Business Forum did not go unnoticed, so all those who were at the Kopaonik at that time had a chance to get acquainted with the quality and amenities of apa...

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