Skyline Belgrade

The Biggest Bang for Your Buck – Buying an Apartment at a Prestigious Location

Each and every one of us has our own desires and prerequisites when selecting an apartment in which we plan to spend a significant portion of our lives and which should represent a peaceful oasis and sanctuary for the whole family. When buying an apartment, it is very important to consider several key criteria, such as the quality of construction, reliability of investors, square meterage, floor level, as well as the real estate location. The most popular real estate can be found in the heart of the capital with the image of certain streets being ever more positive due to numerous investments and reconstruction.

One of the most prominent streets in downtown Belgrade is, indeed, Kneza Miloša Street, featuring numerous embassies, architecturally important edifices, the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Pioneer Park, Church of the Ascension, etc., which make this street desirable for real estate investments. In the last couple of years, Kneza Miloša Street has become very attractive to foreign investors, who recognized the value and potential of this location and decided to invest in developing residential-business complexes in and around it. These trends are indicative of the future increase in value of real estate in this street; hence, such an investment represents a wise decision for one's future.

One of such developments is also "Skyline Belgrade", a unique residential-business complex comprised of 3 towers that are bound to become city's landmarks. Taken into consideration that "Skyline Belgrade" will be located at the very beginning of Kneza Miloša Street, it will also serve as an impressive gate into the city, greeting all who wish to venture deeper downtown. Alongside the elegant and sophisticated architecture, spacious first-class apartments, ranging from one- to five-bedroom, will meet the needs and requirements of even the fussiest of hedonists. "Skyline Belgrade" complex will feature a modern Spa&Gym zone with fitness facilities and the largest enclosed private swimming pool in Belgrade, while the adjacent while the adjacent "Three Keys" park which the City of Belgrade in cooperation with Investor Skyline Belgrade complex will reconstruct, park will be converted into a true green oasis for residents' relaxation and enjoyment. In addition, the provided professional property management will include regular maintenance, urgent interventions, as well as investment maintenance of the complex, while the safety and security of residents will entail 24-hour video surveillance and key card access to the property. Besides the aforementioned, the residents will have a 6-level underground garage at their disposal, so they will not have to worry about the lack of parking, which is a common ailment of downtown locations.

Choose a tucked-away home at a prestigious downtown location for your family and yourself that will provide you with a peaceful and serene life, as well as with all of the advantages of residing in the heart of the city.